Welcome to Mendon Pony Club!

Mendon Pony Club, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching responsible
equestrian skills, knowledge, and horsemastership to its youth membership.

We are:

  • One of over 475 member clubs and riding centers of the United States Pony Clubs
  • Nationwide membership - over 8,500 children and adults
  • Worldwide (31 countries) membership exceeds 130,000
  • The Pony Club idea originated in Great Britian in 1928 and was introduced into the USA in 1954 by foxhunters that wanted to provide inexpensive, quality instruction for youth
  • Pony Club's purpose is education - to teach horsemanship skills
  • Local clubs are grouped into 41 regions, each under a Regional Supervisor
  • Mendon Pony Club belongs to the very active Western New York Region

What do you need?

  • A love of horses

  • An Involved Parent!

  • Approved ASTM-SEI helmet
  • Appropriate clothing - neat and clean
  • Appropriate footwear (no sneakers! Rubber boots ok for riding; hard toed shoes needed when walking around horses)
  • A trailer, or means of transport, is useful if you have your own horse.
  • If you have your own horse, then it may not be less than 5, must be in good health and a suitable Pony Club mount (safe).
  • If you do not have your own horse, we have suitable mounts for riders to start on.

Club Activities

  • Dismounted meetings (including occasional field trips)
  • Mounted meetings
  • Clinics (multi-day mounted meetings, often with exceptional professionals)
  • Certifications (to test skills learned)
  • Camps (multi-day overnight mounted and unmounted sessions)
  • Rallies (aka "shows", for non-Pony Clubbers!)

- Quiz 
- Dressage 
- Show jumping 
- Tetrathlon 
- Games 
- Eventing
- EBTH (everything but the horse)

  • Year End Picnic and Awards Meeting

Donations GLADLY accepted!